We hosted our first workshop of the year at our new office on Saturday April 7th. Those in attendance numbered 12, as we’re concerned with the impact/triggering probability of our sessions and would ideally like to keep the participant number under 15.
The workshop was titled CSA and Incest Awareness in the Indian Context.
It was inclusive of –
A film screening (which we later realized was a mood-spoiler)
A number of “chit” games
A mini-lecture and a few case studies from Achin, our very own criminal lawyer
Debates and myth-busters from facilitators and participants
A concluding poster-making activity where 4 groups were asked to bring forward the learnings of the day’s workshop in the Social, Legal, Familial and Religious context.
Lunch was partaken of during the film screening.
The next workshop will be on DWD or Dealing with Disclosure of abuse and trauma. elaanspeak@yahoo.co.in for further details.
Enjoy the photographs, courtesy Bidisha 🙂