Posted On Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 07:33:14 PM

Child abuse happens to one of the most debilitating evils in society, crippling not only individuals but also the hopes for a better societal future. Elaan, an NGO, utilised the platform at the Calcutta International School on the occasion of their fest, Tiempo to undo the practices secrecy and covertness that shrouds our society that provoke abuse. The fest was organised by the Dramatics Club on December 13 and 14.
“Child abuse is a burning issue in India. We must crusade against this evil and find out new ways and means to work on it, which is why we chose a creative recourse to drive the point across. In the process, not only do the participants end up having fun, they also retain a part of the message being driven across,” said Pranaadhika Sinha, founder director, Elaan.
As the fest laid stress on creativity and innovation, Elaan used the recourse of various creative outlets to present their campaign. Through a poster exhibition, over 60 multilingual posters on child sexual abuse, child abuse, drugs and other youth-related issues. The momentous occasion was also apt to extend the ethos of the International Purple Ribbon Project to the students present. Teachers and students were encouraged to draw and sign in support for a law against child sexual abuse, as India does not have one yet. Tattoo artists Paul and Abhinandan from White Star Tattoos, volunteered for the day, assisting and supporting the organisation’s cause.
Awareness was deemed as the first step towards the alleviation of these evils and it was expressed that only when victims speak out against the perpetrators, can their be legal measures regarding the problem.