Posted: Sunday , Dec 27, 2009 at 0351 hrs

The project was conceptualised, organised and led by Ishan Chatterjee, Namrata Sen, Arjun Daga and Harsh Dayama; all of whom had studied in prominent high schools in Kolkata before eventually heading to Singapore to complete their undergraduate degrees.

Pranaadhika Sinha Dev Burman, the founder president of Elaan (a child sex abuse forum) and Mrs Rekhi, Principal of Khalsa English High School, were also active members of the camp.

“Kolkata being the hometown for some of us, we have seen these children everyday that we have spent in this city. We know how the lack of education cripples them and prevents them from moving towards a better life. Studying in Singapore and getting exposed to world-class education has just made our zeal to help these underprivileged children further their prospects stronger. As students we would really love to give back to our own community, and carry forward this zeal of community service,” says Sen.