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We’re sorry for not being regular here, the instantaneous-ness [is that even a word?] of Facebook has made us lazy!

Whoever is in California this weekend, please join us and support Drawing Hope International and a host of celebrities at a red carpet fundraiser [details follow]…. this non-profit is supporting Elaan’s fight for more stringent laws against CSA, and is also working with us to develop our campaign to reach out to 1 million people by 2017 !



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Elaan is an NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse issues.

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Incest are painful and unprovoked acts of violation. In India, where subjects relating to sex and personal safety are not discussed, the issue is shrouded in secrecy as the prevalence of abusive acts increases. The objective of this blog is to encourage reading, debate and constructive awareness implementation methods via the 'blogosphere.'

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