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As part of it’s committment to combat CSA from all directions (literally), we are organizing a special interactive session with the support group for members of the  “Swikriti”with whom we have a long-standing association.
All details are provided below and all are welcome to attend and provide input or just listen.

Interactive session between Elaan and Swikriti on Saturday April 12th from 5:00 pm onwards at the Elaan office ; IB 150 Salt Lake Sector III, Calcutta 700 105
SUB : Sexuality and Sexual Abuse – A convenient taboo ?
As part of it’s campaign to involve all existing facets of society in the “Combat Child Sexual Abuse” awareness and intervention programme, Elaan invites members of Swikriti and of it’s own organization to an interactive session on the above.
The objective is to bring forward some of the common problems faced by organizations and activists in context with encouraging solidarity and awareness on the issues of sexual abuse and sexuality, which although different subjects, share a common tag of social ostracization and stigma between them.
Through this discussion we hope to establish common grounds for solution-based plans which may be used for future awareness events.
The total duration of the interactive session would be 90 minutes, inclusive of tea.

We would be appreciative if you could revert with the names and contact details of your friends and associates who will be attending by Wednesday April 9th. All queries may be directed to 98741 35992.

There are no entry fees for this session. All are welcome.

On Saturday March 22nd, we opened our office and resource center to the general public for the first time. Amongst those invited were students from Jadavpur University, Loreto College, St.Xaviers College and numerous city NGO’s; all of whom came together to show solidarity for the fledgling organization that has only recently established it’s name in the field of child right’s activism and Child Sexual Abuse awareness through performing arts, intervention, counseling and interactive discussion.

The interactive session was facilitated by members Mirna Guha and Nayantara Mazumdar, both students of Elaan’s in-house peer counseling course, who deftly tackled questions on sexuality, gender, communication barriers between parents and their children, “coming out”,homosexuality and other topics that are otherwise considered “taboo” and not “media-friendly”. It was interesting to note that not one media person chose to support the occasion despite it being a noteworthy one and indeed, a “one-of-a-kind”, given the most recent tragedy ; that being the death of Scarlett Keeling.

Among the solutions that resulted from the session were the ones that involved speaking with parents and heads of organizations about personal safety, involving young children in self-awareness and self-esteem and speaking to both parent and child as a “team” to ensure clear and consistent communication between both, so as to ensure less stress for both.

Elaan ended the session by mentioning it’s tele-counseing details, and also it’s website address ( and all pronounced themselves as being grateful for the openness and informality provided by an open space and tea-time atmosphere.

The organizers are grateful to Mr.Barun Roy for his invaluable assistance with the LCD Projector, and for his chipping in voluntarily with last-minute help. Mr. and Mrs. Sinha are also to be thanked for their patience with open gates, spilt tea and other things. A special hug to Minoti di for the tea and Blue the dog for being the best mascot we could have!

There are three reports in total , of which we have one. The articles required are from The Telegraph and The Indian Express

Elaan, in partership with SAATHII mehendi-tattooed and quized it’s way through WAD 2007 at Star Theatre this evening.

Participating NGO’s – SAATHII (they conceptualized the event and laid the foundation with Priya Entertainment), Elaan ( with CSA at the forefront of all activities ), Diksha (an organization that works with the children of sex workers) and SPARSH, an organization which works with positive patients (apologies if i am mistaken)

Venue – Star Theatre rooftop amidst visitors and a foodpark

Duration – 6:30 to 8:15pm

Elaan’s participation included – Overall documentation, The 20 question AIDS quiz with assistance from SPARSH and Mehendi tattoos for everyone ( keeps the AIDS ribbon on for longer).

Participants from Elaan : Pranaadhika, Mirna, Vijay, Madhurima, Mansi, Debolina, Abhinandan, Shreya, Bidisha and Chhandak ( who isn’t officially a part of Elaan yet but will be).

Invisible participation from photographer and uncle Vivek Devburman who wasn’t able to attend owing to an injury, but his camera made it. 🙂

Highlights : Souvik as Lola (a much “slimmer,sexier,cuter, more romantic” Bula di) and his assistant in his many avatars / Mirna’s beautiful “my brother nikhil” medley” and the sporting people who allowed us to (mehendi) tattoo them with AIDS awareness messages and their own NGO names. I have reason to believe that the latter option was rather popular !

Lowlights : The audience wasn’t particularly delighted at the concept, despite our best efforts. However, not to be dampened, the participants themselves went out of their way to involve the handful that were interested during the quiz and Souvik/Lola had everyone in splits with their one-liners. The lighting could have been better as it was an evening event. Kolkata shone and Kolkata froze us out.

The important thing is, we did not back down from our individual messages. Homosexuality, Child Sexual Abuse, “jonno” (the bangla word for sex) were all mentioned as part of the programme and that gave us all a lot of satisfaction.

CSR or not, my good sirs, you may NOT stifle our Constitutional right to free speech.

Special mention : The kids representing Diksha were Stupendous. Mindblowing.

Photographs are huge (file size), will upload later. More discussion/feedback on the orkut community.

We hosted our first workshop of the year at our new office on Saturday April 7th. Those in attendance numbered 12, as we’re concerned with the impact/triggering probability of our sessions and would ideally like to keep the participant number under 15.
The workshop was titled CSA and Incest Awareness in the Indian Context.
It was inclusive of –
A film screening (which we later realized was a mood-spoiler)
A number of “chit” games
A mini-lecture and a few case studies from Achin, our very own criminal lawyer
Debates and myth-busters from facilitators and participants
A concluding poster-making activity where 4 groups were asked to bring forward the learnings of the day’s workshop in the Social, Legal, Familial and Religious context.
Lunch was partaken of during the film screening.
The next workshop will be on DWD or Dealing with Disclosure of abuse and trauma. for further details.
Enjoy the photographs, courtesy Bidisha 🙂

Elaan kicked off the year’s activities with an invigorating interactive session with the First and Second Year COMPARATIVE LITERATURE students at Jadavpur University.

Discussions and QnA (thats Question n Answer) topics ranged from the Nithari Tragedy to the Legal scenario (good going Rahul) , to our Penultimate goal (Joanna) , to translating campaign material into vernacular dialects and tackling the districts.
Rohit came up with the concept of using Street Theatre to further the awareness campaign in less-developed regions while Debdutta mentioned “jatra” which i am assuming is on the same lines.

A student who lives in Barrackpore and travels regularly by local train told me that the issue was prevalent where she lived (her para) while the person sitting next to her (didnt get her name 😦 ) said it would help immensely if we got some material disseminated there. We will.

Raka spearheaded the eve-teasing segment which lightened the atmosphere considerably.

Inam spoke of consistent media (newspapers etc) which was a good idea overall(think : bula di), as long as the journalists in question have the same drive and inclination.

Thank you to all those who took the time to be there.

More on the orkut community in a topic titled “elaan at JU”.

Awaiting CV’s

The next spate of volunteer interviews is at T3, Park Street, from 3pm. Do email/call if youre interested. Will be working there till 8pm.

Elaan plans on initiating the IPRP and LACSA at Jazzfest 2007. 14th January Sunday at DI (Dalhousie Institute). Those interested in volunteering, you know what to do.

Finally, WN is happening…

Excited as hell.

Volunteers report from 2pm onwards, core team at 1pm .

Creative team to be here any minute to brush up on details.

will post pictures / media reports soon.

This is it ! 😀
A huuge thank you to Samita (TheSam) for tolerating my pathetic time management skills. The original is sans mugshots of the other two performing artists, so this poster has been modified by moi to fit them in.

I am the FudgeQueen. I would prefer to be known just as that for now, till we are better acquainted. This blog will focus on providing consistent updates and informative essays on Child Sexual Abuse.

My group is called Elaan. We have been around since July 2004. We will be a registered NGO by January 2006. Till then the movement to spread awareness on Child Sexual Abuse is being spearheaded by me. Its tough but relevant.

What IS Child Sexual Abuse and why bother crying yourself hoarse over it when it’s about something that happened in the past ?

That’s a question that i have been asked by all and sundry. After tiring myself out with diplomatic responses, i feel that this, i.e. today, is the right time to set the record straight.

I have had personal experiences with facing abuse, and have been through hell with dealing with the aftermath of it. I see myself as a living example of a survivor who, after (finally) receiving support and love, is still not completely over it.

The aftermath is what is even more dangerous than the abuse itself.

As for the “what is”, you’re not stupid. You have the internet. Read This, and This too.

And if you havent had enough, there’s 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 9 , 10 .


Thursday the 23rd of November
at Swabhumi – The Heritage Park from 5pm onwards.

Entry fee is only 10 bucks.

Performing artists –

CASSINI’S DIVISION – the gods of alt (:D)

HOOF HOOEY – passionate punk rockers

A-LIST – Ash,Ashwini,MKB, your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.. check him out here

Thats all for now folks, comments welcome.

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Elaan is an NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse issues.

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Incest are painful and unprovoked acts of violation. In India, where subjects relating to sex and personal safety are not discussed, the issue is shrouded in secrecy as the prevalence of abusive acts increases. The objective of this blog is to encourage reading, debate and constructive awareness implementation methods via the 'blogosphere.'

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