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For every one person who understands the need for age-appropriate personal safety information, there are ten people who chuck culterati/moralati darts at awareness agents.

For every 1 child who speaks out against abuse, there are millions worldwide who are not able to do so.

We need to wake up and smell the [bull]shit, literally. I don’t care about how harsh this sounds. India, to be specific, needs to quit with the hypocrisy about abuse not taking place in our “culture”. It does.

A law against child abuse will not help unless sex education is also implemented. If you don’t teach kids about the disease, how are you going to teach them about disease-prevention ?

Logic much ?

Just my thoughts at the end of the week.


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Elaan is an NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse issues.

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Incest are painful and unprovoked acts of violation. In India, where subjects relating to sex and personal safety are not discussed, the issue is shrouded in secrecy as the prevalence of abusive acts increases. The objective of this blog is to encourage reading, debate and constructive awareness implementation methods via the 'blogosphere.'

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